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(Z525i - for international market, Z525a - for America). Sony Ericsson Z525 is an upgraded version to the hugely popular Z520. A compact clamshell design with options to change fascias gives you the option to style the Z525 to your taste. With excellent communication, imaging and entertainment options included the Z525 is the only tele-communication device you need. Adding Push-To-Talk functionality, the Z525 offers a fun and easy way to stay in touch with many people at once, such as connecting a small group of colleagues working in various locations or friends and family in different places. It also includes Bluetooth functionality, a VGA camera, and special lighting effects along the rim to let users know who is calling.
Sony Ericsson Z525


Talk to multiple friends at the same time with push to talk. With this cost effective method of communication, just select the list from your phonebook and press the Push-to-talk button and chat till eternity.

Sony Ericsson Z525


Tri-band technology and WAP 2.0 ensures that you are contactable in almost every location across the globe. Email your friends and family or browse the internet in an easy and effortless manner.

Sony Ericsson Z525


Entertainment for the Z525 is taken care of through the on board media player. With options to play music and video files the way you stay entertained is your choice. You can record you videos or click images with VGA camera and transfer them to the PC with Bluetooth or USB.



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Style: 7.4
Technology: 6.4
Efficiency: 6.8

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