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(R306i - for international market, R306a - for America, R306c - for Mainland China). The R306 is exquisitely made for those listeners who believe in the power of radio. The phone has amazing full on blasting music experience with a varied choice of channels and an excellent audio quality. Music on the radio is always diverse and cannot be categorized and Sony Ericsson takes full advantage of this variety.
Sony Ericsson R306 Radio


The look and design of R306 perfectly matches that of a radio. With a stereo loudspeaker attached to it, just adjust your favourite AM or FM channel and let the radio do its work. An explosive audio experience is what you get. With preset buttons on the front, adjusting channels is an easy task as you see which channel you have tuned into.

Sony Ericsson R306 Radio


The TrackID feature that comes with the R306 is an expert in finding the details of the song of your liking. Just record the song of your choice whenever and wherever your hear, be it on TV or radio and the TrackID at just a click of button displays the name, artist and album from which the song is.

Sony Ericsson R306 Radio


The R306 has a clamshell design with two integrated speakers. When you adjust the Audio Enhancer key, you get a bomblasting 3D stereo audio feel, be it through loudspeaker or the stereo headset. Noisy surroundings don’t have any effect on the audio quality, giving you a sharp and clear audio quality.



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