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Mainly created for entertainment purpose the phone is packaged for music, internet surfing and games. This edition of Sony is created exclusively for Vodafone users with services like TrackID™ music recognition service that is associated to Vodafone music store. A 3G internet phone has all the regular features such as HTML browser, expandable memory and camera.
Sony Ericsson V640


Novel features like latest services and websites access helps you to update your general knowledge wherever and whenever. The desktop widgets constantly update you with the latest happenings in the world. The widgets icon on the interface point out when a feed or update is upcoming.

Sony Ericsson V640


Increase mobile storage capacity with Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™), which is smallest memory card in the market. With the jet speed connectivity you can send email and browse the net while attending text messages. Organize the phonebook using Wireless Manager interface. Use the memory card to store data of any feature you love like games, photos or audio players.

Sony Ericsson V640


Enjoy the cable free experience of the Bluetooth. Coordinate your tasks, files and data by connecting with another Bluetooth headset. Once joined together the devices remember each other and connect with each other wire free helping us share images, make a call, listen to music or play games. Browse the web using the Bluetooth and print images Bluetooth™-enabled printer.



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