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Another addition in Walkman series of phones, the W980i is a true dedication to the field of music. Featuring excellent audio quality combined with an innovative design, this Walkman phone is sure to attract music lovers. It includes all the regular features of a Walkman that customers have loved and got addicted to, like Shake Control, 3.2 MP camera, blogging, vast music tracks storage and 8 GB internal memory.
Sony Ericsson W980i


W980i’s handset is devised in such a way that no noise distortion affects the music track and the audio quality of the track is maintained as similar as to that of the original. Combine this with stereo portable headsets and you get an enlightening musical experience.

Sony Ericsson W980i


The W980i has a built-in FM Radio transmitter which allows you to send out your favorite songs that you listening on the radio to your friends via the FM Radio receiver. Using this facility you can share the songs with any device be it a hi-fi or a car stereo. The FM Radio is on-board i.e. you don’t have to plug in your headsets to listen.

Sony Ericsson W980i


With the latest Walkman W980i, you can tailor your music tracks according to your choice with the help of eight equalizer presets. Each preset has an individualistic sound and feel which has to be used according to your assortment of music tracks and the similarity between them and the preset.



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