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(Z550i - for international market, Z550a - for America, - Z550c - for Mainland China). The classic clamshell design with a premium brushed metal and high gloss exterior of the Z550 fits like in a glove in most hands. Flip the handset open to find all you need for your communication and entertainment needs like clicking pictures. Shoot and share your pictures wherever you go. Open up to stylish clamshell design and fun snapshot imaging. Sit back and enjoy the show. Z550 has games inside, FM radio for news and entertainment around the clock and a media player for your favorite music and video. Synchronize your Z550 calendar and contacts with your PC.
Sony Ericsson Z550


Don't get troubled about carrying the phone in your hands every time you want to communicate. Just use the Bluetooth™ technology and be carefree while driving or having a walk. You can also use the speaker phone when you are in the mood of a hands free communication.

Sony Ericsson Z550


Become a graphic designer at home by editing your high quality images that you have clicked with the 1.3 MP camera. Accessorize them with effects like frames, sepia or build a panorama. Organize your photos in thumbnail format with timeline search.

Sony Ericsson Z550


With hundreds of applications and programs available the Z550’s capabilities are limitless. Listen to music through radio or music player or play 3D JAVA games. Watch your video clips, images on your 1280 x 1024 px screen. Access the Net through Access NetFront™ Web Browser and surf the web or email your friends. The options are endless.



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