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(W200i - for international market, W200a - for America, W200c - for Mainland China). The W200 is a tri-band GPRS music phone and belongs to the Walkman range of Sony Ericsson phones known for their stereo quality music. It offers a great range of good features like expandable memory, HTML browser, VGA camera, multiple file formats for music and video and Disc2Phone software for transferring tracks from CD to phone. With a Java 3D game engine, game lovers can relax playing their favorite 3D games.
Sony Ericsson W200


Being a Walkman phone the W200 bring digital quality music to its customers. In this edition you can play, rewind, shuffle music tracks like you do in normal deck. Listen your music in bass frequencies, which supports file formats like MP3 and AAC. Transfer tracks from CD to phone with the help of Disc2Phone. Or just simply download your favorite ringtone with the PlayNow™ feature.

Sony Ericsson W200


The W200 has a lot of choices in terms of messaging. Now don’t just be limited to the choice of SMS. Send messages and contact people using photos, text, videos or sound recordings. Use SMS Long Text and Predictive text input to send text messages, MMS to send photo or video messages, or email through the HTML browser.

Sony Ericsson W200


Increase mobile storage capacity with Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™), which is smallest memory card in the market. With the jet speed connectivity you can send email and browse the net while attending text messages. Organize the phonebook using Wireless Manager interface. Use the memory card to store data of any feature you love like games, photos or audio players.



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