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(W380i - for international market, W380a - for America, W380c - for Mainland China). Belonging to the Walkman range of phones, the W380 is a tri-band handset shaped in the form of a clamshell featuring a rare characteristic of touchscreen. The W380 touchscreen in innovative because it includes the new Gesture control functionality wherein you mute a call or stop the alarm by just brushing your hands on the camera. The external display is enclosed with Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) which lights up the music track or incoming call. It features a 1.3 MP camera, HTML browser, RSS feeds, expandable memory and 3D gaming.
Sony Ericsson W380


The W380 features a groundbreaking touchscreen, which has a gesture control interface where you can utilize all the functions of the handset by just moving your hands over the screen. This feature helps in easy handling of the phone without the regular clicking of the keypad buttons.

Sony Ericsson W380


A digital music player in a small shape, easy handling and high quality music is what the W380 offers. Listen to music using advanced music features such as MegaBass™, PlayNow™, TrackID™ or just simply listen to FM radio. Transfer the tracks from the CD to phone using the Disc2Phone software so that you can always listen to your favorite songs.

Sony Ericsson W380


There are many features in the W380, which are new to many users. Like the m-buzz.com website. This site promotes new artists and singers and you can listen to some amazing songs here. An integrated camera, media manager for managing your music files, web browser for surfing and RSS feeds for latest news updates are also available.



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