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The phenomenal selection of features within the W960i is sure to leave most impressed. A slim, created for music lovers it features a QVGA touch screen, 3.2 MP camera and 8GB large memory for storing your music tracks and images. Its functions on Symbian OS™ v9.1 advanced operating system so that both music lovers and business clients needs are satisfied in one handset. A Walkman phone, programmers can use work in languages such as C++ and Java™ ME.
Sony Ericsson W960i


A walkman phone wherein you can play, rewind, fast forward, equalise, shuffle tracks at one click. The technology is as advanced as any other music player. It supports multiple file formats and has features such as Disc2Phone software (transfer tracks from CD to phone) and MegaBass.

Sony Ericsson W960i


A 8GB memory gives you the ability store music, videos and photos to your hearts content. In fact, it can store upto 8000 songs, in multiple formats. With such a amazing storage capacity you watch videos, images on your 2.6 inch phone interface, TV quality.

Sony Ericsson W960i


The phone's Opera browser gives you no restrictions when browsing the web. Access Email instantaneously with push Email facility and secure your data with the help of virus scanners and firewalls such as Certicom™, Pointsec™ and Smobile™. Business is pleasure on the handset.



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