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(J210i - for international market, J210c - for Mainland China). Simple functionality with a small and compact body makes the J210 ideal for new users. With concentration placed on the fundamental telephony features the J210 does the simple things well. It is a tri-band GSM, entry-level phone. The candybar body has 128x128, 65k display, MMS, WAP, GPRS, and 32-voice polyphonic tones. There are also 3 embedded games.
Sony Ericsson J210


Whether it is your pocket or handbag the small and compact design of the J210 is the perfect fit, as it is a slender phone. Designed with a large keypad for easy dialing of numbers and text, it is also fitted with a large screen for clarity of resolution to suit the customers.

Sony Ericsson J210


The J210 is the perfect organizer for students as well as businessmen. Assisted with a calendar, alarm clock, Tasks all your routines will be planned in a methodical manner. The Conference Call facility helps you to talk to four people at the same time without any extra charges.

Sony Ericsson J210


The level of creativity you can apply to text messages just increased by a mile. With options to change text styles, colors and add pictures and sound, text messaging will never be the same. The Predictive Text Input feature helps in typing your messages fast, by guessing the word you are going to type.



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