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Chic and a svelte mobile, the Motorola C261 is a must have for everyone. Reasonably priced, it is accessible to all classes of society. A large color display screen and a slender body, this phone has all the contemporary features such as MMS, Internet and a speakerphone. Along with the regular features, it has also presents embedded games, downloadable screensavers, wallpapers and ring tones.
Motorola C261


This phone adds a new dimension to your personality, but yet you need not completely empty your pockets to access this phone. Friends will be green with envy after watching such an exclusively designed model and no one will ever know this phone was brought for such a rocking price! In a flash of a second you will be capitulated to the elite class.

Motorola C261


With its VGA camera you can capture the little, emotional moments in your life and message them to your family and friends with the help of a MMS. With its IM (Instant messaging) feature you chart your social activities or make business plans in no time. Communicate with your family either through the speakerphone or through a more advanced feature like the Internet (WAP). With its 450 minutes of talk time no need to worry, of battery shut down.

Motorola C261


When you want, where you are, day or night, the Motorola C261 is in your take. Play various types of games on large screen display or download your favorite wallpapers. The keypad has a distinctive backlighting which becomes red when its night. Precision and accuracy while dialing the keypad when it’s dark.



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Motorola C261: Hi Im Sabir ahmad
7/31/2013 @ 6:32 AM
by sabir

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