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The Nokia X6 is the latest in the Xpress series by Nokia. The phone is meant to have excellent multimedia capabilities, in addition to being a good-looking phone. It is fairly expensive, so we will have a look at the features to see whether the price tag fits the product. 

Look, Design, Feel (/10)

The Nokia X6 is a beautifully designed phone, meant to convey the impression of luxurious art. The phone is bulky and quite heavy, without being uncomfortable. In fact, it manages to be a comfortable weight. It comes in two colour combinations, black with red highlights, and white with blue ones. Both are very attractive schemes. 

The front of the phone has the adequate 3.2 inch screen, with three discreet hardware buttons at the bottom. There is a front-facing camera on top, and barely visible next to it, are the proximity sensor and light sensor. The right side has the volume rocker switch, a lock screen control and the dedicated camera key. The left side has the SIM card slot, and two speakers on either end for a stereo sound effect. The top has a variety of slots including the 3.5mm headphone jack, the microUSB port and the power button. The back has the 5 megapixel camera and the accompanying double LED flash. 

Features (/10)

The Nokia X6 has Nokia's first capacitive touchscreen, finally doing away with styli altogether. Measuring 3.2 inches and with a resolution of 360x640 pixels, the screen is a fairly good size, and is pretty responsive. 

The phone sports the latest version of Symbian S60, which is the 5th edition. There are minor tweaks here and there, but nothing to really dwell upon. The streamlining is welcome though, losing the choppy and inconvenient feel of the previous release. That being said, Symbian desperately needs a design overhaul, having graduated from being consistent in design to being merely dated in appearance.

The phone truly shines in the audio department, as the musical output with the stereo speakers is unmatched. Most of the models currently available are 'Comes with Music' ones; which means once the user buys the device, they have access to a multitude of songs that are available in the Nokia Music Store. 

The phone has a huge 32 GB built-in memory, and it has an expansion slot to stretch this limit even further. 

The homescreen borrows conceptually from other phones in the market, with multiple panes and a series of shortcuts lining the base. Both are customizable according to the user's convenience. 

Connectivity (/10)

The phone has WiFi and Bluetooth, with 3G support. The phone also has GPS and supports quad band GSM. It can support GPRS, EDGE and HSDPA as well. 

Performance (/10)

Considering this is Nokia's first capacitive touchscreen device, the touchscreen performs pretty well. The phone is not remotely slow, with no perceptible lag between application switching. The accelerometer is also very responsive, switching orientation instantly. 

Value for Money (/10)

The phone is very expensive, especially off contract. Perhaps the 'Comes with Music' factor might play a big role in the pricing, but even so, it really does seem to be overrated for the price tag it is currently commanding. 


+ Attractive design

+ First capacitive touchscreen phone from Nokia

+ Excellent sound quality

+ Latest version of Symbian

+ Huge space with 32 GB


- Camera has no cover

- Operating system has had the same design for ages

- Very expensive device


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