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I find the design of this phone a bit feminine. So the whole prism range is meant for women?
5. I've been using my prism now for almost 2 weeks already and I'm so happy that I got this phone. It's not a perfect phone because it has its own cons, which for some may be highly aggravating!

Before I give my review for this phone, just wanted to say to Hindustani that I didn't acquire this phone by asking money from my dad! FYI, I earned it myself. I saved up my own money just to buy the phone that I want! So you know, I did not buy this phone just because it looks classy and unique. I read reviews about the phone first, I read the manual by downloading it from the Nokia website, and I read its specs & features if it has some of the important things that I want. So you see, I'm not just a dumb, show-off buyer!

I quit arguing with senseless minds who thinks they're better than everyone and stereotypes people around him!!! :

here’s what I think about my phone:

Its unique design just simply screams out elegance and sophistication! Some may hate it and some may love it. Not everyone may think it looks beautiful! Although the keypads are awkwardly shaped, they're quite comfortable to use! However, if your fingers are wet and oily, it's hard to use the joystick! There's a simple solution to that, WIPE YOUR FINGERS CLEAN AND DRY! :)

The quality of the screen is just AMAZING!!! I've never seen an LCD so crisp and clear!!!! The colors are so vibrant and precise! I downloaded pictures from my digital camera to my phone and they look exactly the same as they looked on my desktop's LCD monitor.

The quality of the sound is very clear. The speakers are not very loud though! If you place mp3s with higher bit rates, they would sound a little bit louder than compressed mp3s... If you try to compress your mp3s, I suggest not to go lower than 96Kbps...

Operating System:
The new S40 operating system of the 7500 prism is a breeze!!! It loads up everything so fast compared to S60 phones and older versions of S40.

Like everyone said, the battery is a total drag!!!! It drains up really fast... It's because of the LCD that contains 16Million colors and its brightness set always to maximum! If only the brightness can be adjusted, then it could lessen the battery consumption.

Overall, the phone is awesome!!! I have no regrets whatsoever... Let's just hope Nokia fixes the battery problem! Sony Ericsson has better batteries!!!! They last longer... :)

12/7/2007 @ 1:05 PM


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