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The LG KM900 Arena is a flagship handset from LG which offers amazing multimedia experience through its features such as 3D S-Class User Interface (UI), 5 MP camera, 3G, Wi-Fi and invigorating sound experience. In fact, is the only phone authorized to use Dolby Mobile from Dolby Laboratories, Inc. to deliver a deep and rich surround sound experience for movies and music tracks. The in-built technology of KM900 Arena is one of the firsts, with 3D cube reels interface, Elastic lists contacts access and smooth navigation between menus due to powerful AMD processor.
LG KM900 Arena


The expertise behind touch screens reaches new levels with a cube layout. As you flick the cubes with your finger you access menus four times faster than a normal touch screen. "Elastic lists" provides you detailed information about the contacts as you stretch the contact list, so that you don’t waste time in navigation to a new screen.

LG KM900 Arena


Experience the power of surround sound for movies and video on Area that comes with Dolby technology. It also has a range of equalizer presets to fit all genres and individual tastes, a built-in FM transmitter for playing music wirelessly.

LG KM900 Arena


High resolution LCD screen offers amazing movie watching experience on the go. And with D1 video recording capability, the mobile captures DVD resolution video which can be viewed with the same quality on large TV.



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