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18-12-2007 10:47
I have a U300 which has a Standard Li-Ion battery, i also have an MP3 player that also has a 3.7v battery and the same charger socket as the phone, can anybody tell me if they think it would be safe to charge the MP3 with the phone charger. Stupid question, I know but I am not ready to do it without any consultation.

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13-02-2008 10:24
i have a suggestion, you better use separate chargers for your phone and MP3 player. Why you want to put your gadgets @ risk?

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31-03-2016 10:48
I know you feel comfort when using 1 charger as universal charger [latestone.com] for both, But there may be chance of mismatch of config of i/p o/p levels of charger which leads to damage So don't try 1 for both If at all you don't have forgoten try sometimes Not all the times
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