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28-03-2008 06:54
Apple iPhone and Nokia N96 are clashing
against each other in a bet to steal each others loyal customers. While Apple
has introduced 4GB and 8GB versions of the iPhone, which will be released in UK
and Europe, Nokia is not far behind with them bringing forward the  N96 16GB model with an expandable memory up
to 8GB. But we can’t say that Nokia will be the winner in this fight of the
titans, as the processing speed of iPhone (620MHz) is much better than of N96
(330Mhz). And with the bad battery life of N96, its unsure whether N96 will
be able to survive.

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16-06-2008 14:04
reading this, i still say, Nokia is much more better in producing mobile phones than any other phone manufacturer!! cheers to Nokia!!
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