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Registered: 20-01-2008
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22-04-2008 10:31
Ya you can try it out. And then just sync you handset with your PC. I think this thing will get simpler; even I will go in with the same.

Registered: 04-02-2008
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23-04-2008 11:30
This thing works, its great and better than those boring tones already installed. You need to do in a little bit of editing and mixing but its fun! jump

Registered: 19-02-2008
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31-05-2008 08:20
hi all,
this is something new to me, but tell me, how do I transfer that rigntonn to my phone? i am using very basic phone, Nokia 1650 (it has good memory 8GB) will i be able to transfer that rigntone to my phone?

Registered: 19-01-2008
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05-06-2008 12:33
hmm thats true, even i don't know how to transfer that tone to 1650. and why 8GB mem is present in that phone?

Registered: 08-01-2008
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05-06-2008 12:52
Hi uzr39
Are you sure your phone has 8GB memory
My friend is using the same and according to him he has 8MB memroy with no expansion
Check up your phone's memory once again friend
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