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05-01-2008 07:12
Hi guys,
I m not able of unlocking my friends group. as I wanna add some new friends but the network is not letting me do that. sad

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05-01-2008 07:15
Hi $uMi
i would suggest you to delete all the friends group and add them again

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05-01-2008 07:20
Same problem here. wenever i use to press *110# the number for Group act/deact. the notice appears Cheak network services. I m not getting wat to do.. weep wenever i use to call to C/C number they use to tell Will solve the problem soon. I wanna fix this as early as possible. please help me.

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03-02-2010 18:51
Hey do not try to delete and then add the friends grp agian it does not work back
Even i was facing the same problem so i tried this out now i have lost the discount charges on grp calling weep
I had called the customer care also and they said it is a complicated software problem
So i think you can shift to campus or else try and be happy with the same grp

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27-02-2019 15:11
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