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Registered: 31-12-2007
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23-04-2008 10:29
I am impressed with the features HTC tytnII has. But but, I have also seen Nokia E90.
I would love to buy TyTn II. But not very sure about HTC phone (will have to think about durability, after sales service etc.) any suggestion on this?
Thanks in advance.

Registered: 08-01-2008
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24-04-2008 10:21
I have been using HTC fons for quite a long time, HTC produces really very good phones. I haven’t faced any problem with my HTC phones till date. I will definitely buy Tytn II !!!

Registered: 20-01-2008
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28-04-2008 09:14
If you want a stylish and a wellknown branded phone go in for E90. but the GPS functioning of TyTn II is much more better that E90, that’s wht is my opinion. Choice is yours.!!
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