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Registered: 15-12-2007
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16-06-2008 08:56
I dropped my phone in the water, i picked it up immediately.. but the water did its job quite a well. I dried it up completely by dis-assembling it. Then i assembled it again, and when i put it on. Then the screen came on and then nothing but the red-light on the side panel was on, so i changed the battery, but its of no use. Someone faced same problem and is there any solution on it?

Registered: 18-12-2007
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17-06-2008 13:08
I think you phone is dead. SORRY to say, you will have to throw it out!! It if would have been Nokia, it would have got repaired.

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23-06-2008 14:42
I had faced same problem few months back. I dried it for 10 days, replaced the display but nothing worked it stopped for ever. i think your's is also dead. One advice, buy Nokia, they are more sturdy that any other brands!!
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