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Registered: 22-12-2007
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27-02-2008 05:01
We don’t have 3G network and also I have never used it when I was abroad.

Registered: 18-01-2008
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04-03-2008 06:08
I was facing the same echo problem for my phone. But the phone was having some warranty period so I get it replaced from the company.

Registered: 20-12-2007
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05-03-2008 04:29
My previous handset was giving me echo problem and I didn’t find any solution for it. I think, echo problem happens mostly because of the faulty handset and the only option remains up to you that you have to throw your cell in the dustbin. That’s it!

Registered: 31-01-2008
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06-03-2008 11:01
Update all softwares or carry a hard reset for your phone. I think, this trick would help you to solve your problem.
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