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10-01-2022 10:39
Today’s successful managers are bound to adapt and improve their
organizational performance by emphasizing their key individual
leadership capabilities as well as shaping their teams’ development
Inspire and empower! This is the name of the game. In this context,
modern leaders-managers should know how to expand their acumen, engage
their teams and assist them in reaching their goals.
This ‘Organizational Leadership Reflection Seminar’ focuses on
raising the individual leadership capacity of participants, honing their
abilities and sharpening their sense of confidence in order to affect
the organizational growth and transformation. Through a rigorous mix of
simulations and other experiential learning activities, participants
emerge with the tools needed to transform themselves into effective
organizational leaders.

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10-01-2022 10:53
No way, man!

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There are fewer people interested in politics these days because it makes no sense to fight for their rights in our time. Nothing they do seems to have any effect. Now most people have more financial decisions to make. Therefore, I am currently focused on the implementation of my business ideas. And for my business to be properly organised, I decided to enroll in a leadership course by this company that uses business simulations [prendo.com]. As far as I know, this is the most relevant method of teaching business and leadership because practice always has a better effect on the learning outcome than just studying theory.
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