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14-09-2021 21:02
I know there were a few people here thinking about trying DDPY.  There is a 25% off discount code   LABORDAY


I get nothing out of this....but I have lost 25# and gotten stronger in the past 4 months with the program.

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14-09-2021 22:29
Do you know if all the videos are included in the on-demand version or is it just a selection?

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14-09-2021 22:31
I'm good with yoga, but I've always wanted to go to the gym. I was a student and didn't have much pocket money. As soon as I got a job, I started looking for a cheap gym to keep my body toned. Many people would say that you can work out at home. But I can't bring myself to do it at home. That's why I've always looked for gyms that offer discounts on subscriptions.  Because of the pandemic, everyone started raising prices, and I stopped exercising again. But recently, a friend of mine discounted this site for me https://www.dontpayfull.com/ [dontpayfull.com]. It has a vast number of coupons and promo codes for various services, which include gyms. Now I can't imagine my life without these coupons. Now all the goods to buy only at good discounts.
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