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Those who find themselves losing their hair face not only physical problems, but also psychological problems. Depression, shame and depression usually occur when hair begins to fall off. When you lose your hair, you will destroy our psychological and physiological balance. You look in the mirror and don't recognize yourself. You are afraid to go out and walk in the crowd. The best way to overcome this discomfort is to buy a good wig, which can cover up the lack of hair. There are many types. In this article, we will try to clarify some views by answering an important question: "does the invisible wig really exist?".

All types of existing wigs
There are many kinds of wigs, and a series of factors must be considered when choosing: the reason for using this choice, the duration, and the purpose for which it must be used. There are synthetic wigs, real wigs, invisible wigs, wigs that only use several times, and even the prices vary greatly, ranging from tens of euros to hundreds of euros, more advanced models.

A wig made of synthetic hair
Wigs made from synthetic hair are allowed to be wider than wigs made from real hair. They cannot be replaced during folding or cutting and must be cleaned according to precise instructions to avoid damaging them. Generally, their cost is low.

Synthetic wigs are very sensitive to changes in heat and are recommended for those who must use them for a limited time or those who don't like to spend a lot of time on daily styling. Its duration depends largely on how it is used, but in principle we are talking about a few months, after which it begins to lose its luster and shape. If you want to use synthetic wigs for a long time, you'd better choose short hair that is less damaged than long wigs.

Real wig

Wigs made with real hair inevitably have more limited preset options, but may be cast and modified in terms of clipping. Real kinky hair wigs [vshowhair.com] allow you to customize according to your preferences and are easier to clean and dry, because as real hair, it may be affected by heat sources, such as hair dryers or straighteners.Compared with synthetic wigs, real wigs are not easy to damage and have a longer service life. The only degradation they experience is that when combing and heating pressure, their hair tends to break as if it were yours.

Invisible wig

Whether you choose synthetic wigs or real wigs, there are some models called "invisible wigs", which are mainly used for women or the film industry. It is a product with lace leading edge. There is an invisible lace layer in the front, which is located at the height of the scalp where the hair is knotted. The effect is very natural, and in most clothes, it is not clear that the person wears a wig.

The advantage of this wig is that the hairline is invisible. They are very light because they are not made of silica gel. They will emit to let the skin breathe and can be shaped in any way you want. The only drawback is that it is a more refined wig and requires more precautions. If you want to know more about invisible wigs, I suggest you read naturalvendo, which explains in a very detailed way how to choose invisible wigs, what materials you like and how to deal with them.

How to choose the right wig
Wigs are an investment and you need to consider many factors before buying them. It must be lightweight, breathable and hypoallergenic. The first difference you need to distinguish is natural wigs or synthetic wigs, both of which can produce excellent results. Another important factor that needs to be evaluated is the type of processing.

The most common is monofilament, which provides a very light structure that allows scalp transpiration. The result is natural.

It is also important that wigs do not produce any allergic reactions to the skin. When purchasing, please ensure that it has a declaration of conformity related to the compliance with EEC directives.

What model do you choose?
When choosing a wig, it is also important to choose the model that best suits your face. If your face is long and thin, choose a shortcut to highlight your face. If you have a round face, large cuts at the top and sides will be better. If your face is heart-shaped, please choose a medium length cut with balanced bangs. On the other hand, if your face is square, it's best to use a long, wavy cut to ensure safety.

How to deal with wigs to make them last longer
If handled properly, wigs can last longer than expected. It should be washed once a week and at least twice a season to make it shiny and keep the hair shiny and soft all the time. Specific products for cleaning wigs should also be used. Remember, the cost of wigs can be deducted because it is a health cost.

To wash synthetic wigs, you must choose a very delicate product with neutral pH. If they touch alcohol or perfume, they will be damaged. However, for real hair wigs, we should choose products that are more moisturizing than ordinary shampoo. There is a special product line on the market. When drying, the natural can bear the heat of the hair dryer, and always keep a safe distance. The artificial must be air dried.
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