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27-07-2021 14:46
The news has just arrived that a California-based company in Silicon Valley has found a way to still generate solar electricity at night on existing roof panels.
A huge 33% increase in performance, as you will find it hard to believe, but a very inexpensive glass frame is located above the solar panels with a multispectral magnifying glass that increases the moonlight to a useful level.
The glass automatically gets darker in very bright daytime sun, just like sunglasses, the daily gain is only 8%, but it's the moonlight that really helps, especially if you have rechargeable batteries.
The scientific world is reporting great news, since I could be installed on mirrored panels in the desert, which also gives a similar advantage, we are rapidly developing in the field of renewable energy.

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27-07-2021 16:53
I think that I can only get electricity from the light reflected by the moon.

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27-07-2021 16:59
Wow, it's cool that we're developing alternative energy. My dad and I often argue about which is better. He's an old-school man and doesn't accept new technology, only years of proven traditional energy production. I always say that such methods are already outdated and that coal will run out at some point anyway. We need to develop new strategies. They will be better for both people and the environment. Especially now, electricity and gas produced by unconventional methods have become more affordable. You can connect directly through a provider, such as this one simplyswitch.com [simplyswitch.com] . The company sells a ready-made product, at excellent prices. I hope I can prove to my dad that it's a lot better than he thinks.
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