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12-07-2021 09:08
Two-time world champion in snowboarding Alex Pullin drowned on Wednesday while spearfishing off the Gold Coast of Australia.
Pullin was 32 years old.
Very sad news(((

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12-07-2021 09:33
I don't know how many more deaths of great people 2020 has brought. I always watched his movements. I remember when I was little, and my dad was able to take me to one of the competitions in Massachusetts where he performed. It was amazing. Dad even rented a villa with a view of the ski slope for me. It was unrealistically beautiful there, especially in the evenings and in the fall. I think now, in that place, they somehow honored his memory. I want to go and see how it is and if anything is happening. Maybe someone will support me. I always go with https://bluehouseskis.com/ [bluehouseskis.com]. Before you answer, see if everything suits you.
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