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The use of tiles in residential and commercial areas is primarily used to create floor and wall surfaces with easy to care surfaces. There are many manufacturing variants of ceramic tiles. There are natural stone tiles, artificial stone tiles, concrete tiles, porcelain tiles, coarse ceramic tiles and smooth or glazed tiles. In addition, there are different load levels, of course, there are many designs can be selected according to personal taste. You should pay attention to different tiles, which is particularly easy to take care of, let's take a closer look how to choose floor tiles [hanseceramictile.com] for residential and commercial.

What makes tiles easy to maintain?
All the ceramic tiles mentioned in the introduction are relatively easy to take care of, some more, some less. The decisive assessment is not only the purpose, but also the most important is the place of use. Matt tiles are often used in bathrooms or kitchens because they are relatively insensitive to water droplets, scale and fat deposits.

Example of bathroom with matte tiles
With bright tiles, the space is magnified visually, but the necessity of maintenance is higher. You can see every fingerprint or drop of water on the shiny tiles. However, there are now easy to care, antibacterial and antiskid tiles with special surface treatments. Selected tile manufacturers have adapted to this trend and offer ceramic wall and floor tiles as well as clay tiles with surface finish. This improvement ensures that dirt particles cannot be fixed and water will roll off. For regular care of these special tiles, water and soft cloth are enough.
These tiles are also used in the commercial sector because sealing allows them to be used in places with heavy traffic. They are also resistant to chemicals, frost and all types of dirt. In the private sector, there are corridors, entrance areas and balconies, often entered in street shoes. Inevitably, small stones and mud were dragged in. Therefore, easy to care and durable tile floor is the ideal choice for these areas.

In these rooms, you need resilient flooring!
Ceramic coverings are very durable. In order to clearly indicate the best use position of each tile, the manufacturer has designated a wear-resistant group. This provides you with information about the wear resistance of glazed floor tiles.

There are five groups, among which the fifth group has the strongest wear resistance. This allows the application area to be defined according to the corresponding wear group. In Germany, the manufacturer recommends using at least wear-resistant group 3 in infrequently used areas such as bedrooms and living rooms.

Ceramic tiles for kitchen, patio, garage and entrance areas shall conform to wear resistant group 4 as a minimum. In addition, the required load resistance must be observed. Therefore, for construction projects, you should obtain detailed information or seek expert advice. Only in this way can future troubles be safely eliminated. As a professional tile retailer in Cologne, we are happy to help you.

Which tiles are not sensitive?
When it comes to which tiles are not sensitive, there are various standards. On the one hand, considering the insensitivity to wear and scratches. On the other hand, for outdoor patio tiles or other tiles, it is important to make sure they are not sensitive to frost. Manufacturers also have clear labels for this, such as wear rating and frost resistance.
In particular, the antifreeze brand ceramic tile declared by the manufacturer is fully in line with the manufacturer's commitment. The basic requirement is professional installation and joint sealing. In particular, the joints of large tiles are very small. This is why the edges of the tiles are lightly touched during the manufacturing process to ensure optimum installation.
Basically, antifreeze porcelain is perfect for outdoor use. However, the classic outdoor tiles, extruded split tiles, have frost resistance and can be used without hesitation.

Is matte tile easy to take care of?
The different surfaces of tiles also affect their easy to maintain properties. There are also many useful surface treatments for various types of tiles. These standards will significantly affect the later cleaning and care work.
In general, tiles are easy to clean and maintain. There are glazed and tempered surfaces as well as unglazed and polished surfaces. Glazed tiles, as well as those with factory made surface finishes (such as ceramic seals), are basically stain resistant and usually very abrasive.
They are very dirt resistant and easy to clean. The manufacturer recommends preventive Impregnation after installation of polished porcelain and unglazed and unpainted tiles and ceramic coverings. This largely prevents the contamination of liquids, fats and oils. This also applies to natural tiles such as marble.
When it comes to the question of whether the matte tiles are easy to take care of, the answer to bathroom tiles is obviously yes. Scale deposits, splashes and fingerprints are unlikely to be seen on matt tiles, but they can be seen on high gloss tiles. Of course, you can change the bathroom design. Use matt tiles on walls and floors and combine them with, for example, high gloss furniture. It's an interesting combination!

Rough tiles and tiles - when does it make sense?
These tiles are best used outdoors. They have frost resistance and wear resistance. Its insensitivity to contamination and good acid resistance enable it to be used in a variety of ways, including laboratories.

What ceramic tile is good for toilet?
The bathroom tiles [hanseceramictile.com] are suitable for places where you can't see scale deposits and where water and soap don't leave any ugly stains. Therefore, matte tiles are the first choice in these areas. Then the most important thing is that non slip floor tiles can guarantee your safety in the bathroom [supportphone-number.com]. In terms of color, light tones are no better than dark tiles in any room. Clean the connector with a separate connector cleaner.
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