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30-05-2021 18:06
Where could I rent a new office?

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30-05-2021 23:34
it all depends on which country you are in

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30-05-2021 23:34
During two years of work as a department manager, I realized that it is much more challenging to organize a workflow or some event within an online project. Managing the workflow is much more complex in the office, and I do not understand why people love to work in offices so much. IT is very stupid and reckless. I've always loved working remotely, and the pandemic gave me this opportunity. As the department head, I switched to remote work thoroughly, which is just an unforgettable experience. By the way, during the pandemic, our company saved a lot of money. After that, my boss decided to transfer the entire workflow to the Internet completely. It caused some difficulties, but we dealt with it. Of course, some issues require regular meetings and lengthy discussions of projects, and for these purposes, we rent office space. And the rental conditions can be found here serviced office Singapore price [osdoro.com.sg].

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02-06-2021 07:56
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