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21-12-2020 08:44
A hyper-connected pro-business hub, Dubai delivers efficiency, security and a forward-looking ecosystem for accelerated growth. Discover where businesses, investors, event organisers and enterprising professionals meet to build an ambitious future together.
Where intelligent infrastructure creates smart communitiesIn a re-imagined landscape for business success, Dubai is ideally positioned to enable companies to thrive. A pioneer in smart city adoption, 4th industrial revolution digital technologies and infrastructure, including 5G mobile internet networks to facilitate the proliferation of smart services, machine-to-machine communication, and connected transport, Dubai is already powered by tomorrow’s thinking for a post COVID-19 world.

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21-12-2020 21:32
I think the business of the future is coworking. Coworking spaces differ from each other in concept and rates. The concept can usually be understood by visiting the official website https://theplace.group/ [theplace.group]. The rules of conduct and the general atmosphere depend on the concept. On the coworking sites, tariffs and working conditions are described in detail. The criteria by which the rates differ are the fixation of the place and the duration of the lease. You can find an offer agreement, which is concluded between the coworking space and the tenant. The contract contains all the important details: the rules of work and behavior, the rules of communication with residents. Now it is popular and many companies began to offer better conditions. Agree?
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