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09-12-2020 17:20
Just read where a Texas city mother was allegedly kicked out of a pool for breastfeeding her baby. For or against?

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09-12-2020 18:08
Is this a problem? What right did they have to expel a woman for breast-feeding? This is due to nature! I don't have enough anger for this situation!!!!!!!!

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09-12-2020 18:22
To be honest, this also causes me resentment and annoyance, since women are so much subject to discrimination. I believe that breastfeeding is not a shameful activity and that a child should eat when it is time. Once my wife and I went to the hospital with a child, where we spent about 6 hours. My wife needed to feed our baby, and some individuals started to resent it. I honestly wanted to punch them in the head. So we started taking 12 hipp formula [anyorganics.com] with us. Order here. It's as healthy as milk. I think this is a way out of the problem so as not to create unnecessary conflicts.
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