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06-11-2020 09:18
"I want to save and print WhatsApp chat on my iPhone 12 to turn my shared moments into something to hold on, is that possible?" ---- A user from Quora

Users around the world often need to save and print their WhatsApp messages from iPhone for various personal and business reasons. This includes printing WhatsApp messages for court, trial, or for one's lawyer or attorney. Other people in the business world like realtors often need to print WhatsApp texts to document messages with their clients. For personal use, many WhatsApp users like to export and print WhatsApp messages from loved ones or family members so that the moments will be saved and retained forever.
No matter what your reasons are for printing your WhatsApp conversations, this tutorial should be helpful. Here we will introduce you four ways with which you canĀ print WhatsApp Messages from iPhone for court or other legal purposes [bit.ly]. Let's go through it and check it out!
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