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12-10-2020 12:43
Tilburg is a dynamic city situated in the heart of the region. Rich in culture and well-known for its many arts events and festivals, it is also home to various cultural institutions. With a population of just over 214,000, Tilburg is the sixth city in the Netherlands by size. Its down-to-earth inhabitants are no strangers to foreigners as Tilburg is currently witnessing an explosive growth in international students and expats, lured to the city by one of the many multinationals based there, such as: Tesla, FUJIFILM, Sony, Ericsson, Schenker Logistics and Coca-Cola.
The Tilburg Campus is located on the outskirts of the city and is serviced by excellent bus connections and safe cycling routes.
The impressive Arts Cluster can be found in the city centre, but besides culture and the arts, Tilburg has much more to offer its student population, for example a vibrant student life. More than 30,000 students study at Tilburg’s universities and their presence has helped to transform the city into a hub for creativity and innovation.

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