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Registered: 26-07-2020
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05-10-2020 10:20
Barclays smart investor or interactive investor? What do you use? What do you think is better-stocks or investments?

Registered: 05-10-2020
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05-10-2020 11:02
Investing in real estate is the thing... It is the only thing that is not hurt by Covid.

Registered: 05-10-2020
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05-10-2020 11:07
I wanted to settle down with my girl now and get a nice home for us. It was really, fun living freely, but we wanted to settle down and start living a normal life, paying taxes etc. If we wanted to do that we needed a real house that will be good for raising a family. Living that young life was really fun, but now was the time to get serious and start making money. I found a group that does real estate invest [connectedinvestors.com] and you can connect with other investors. It is a really good platform where you can access everything that is needed. It is really something new for me, but I am a quick learner.
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