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28-07-2020 08:27
For violating Facebook terms and conditions, breaking certain rules and regulations, uploading and posting any inappropriate material on Facebook, bad and unusual behavior with fellow Facebook users, misbehaving and threatening other Facebook users, etc. can lend you in Facebook Jail. 
However, if you’re thinking about how do you know if you are in Facebook Jail [waybinary.com] then scenarios like you’re no longer able to post/comment anything on Facebook, no longer able to invite friends, no longer able to accept requests, no longer able to send messages and the worst when you no longer able to access your account; it simply means you’re in Facebook Jail.
Read more:- https://waybinary.puzl.com/_news/How-Do-You-Know-If-You-Are-In-Facebook-Jail%253F/242996 [waybinary.puzl.com]
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