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08-01-2020 03:58
Thanks for attention. Here present at least 3 methods to get a disabled iPhone back to normal.
1. Using iTunes is the most commonly used solution to the problem. When this issue occurs, you can connect the iPhone to iTunes to restore it. If the iPhone has ever been synced with iTunes, just directly apply iTunes to help you. If not, put iPhone into recovery mode and then connect to iTunes to restore it. The difference between them is that the former allows you to back up iPhone data before restoring.
2. Make sure that Find My iPhone is enabled and the iPhone is connected to a network. Then you can fix the issue with the help of iCloud.
3. Alternatively, using a technical tool like Joyoshare iPasscode Unlocker is also workable. Such tools can fix any disabled iOS device without any limitations.
Hope these are of great use to you.
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