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02-03-2019 07:48
As a person who has been working in the coffee industry for more than one year and having a barista wife, I’ll fully support people who say that the coffee machine cannot make espresso. Not a single (!) Coffee machine will ever prepare a real espresso! Just because it is technically impossible. Barista profession implies a degree of grinding and the exact time of spilling coffee. A machine at the output gives out more or less tailored to the tastes of the inhabitant hot boonie)))

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02-03-2019 08:19
In general, the choice of coffee machines - this is a serious expensive purchase. Therefore, it makes no sense to take cheap. Let there be all the functions that are possible. I had a horn - this is how it turned out thrown money. And the constant quarrels in the kitchen of its location. What coffee do not take it, espresso is bad. Freaked out and bought an expensive https://hotcoffeeworld.com/ [hotcoffeeworld.com] coffee machine. The mechanism is easy to clean, with one movement everything opens and closes. Start, shutdown on time. It is convenient to work with milk, a lot of pre-configured programs for preparing drinks with milk.

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02-03-2019 08:42
Espresso is a drink with a volume of 20-40 ml., Obtained from 7-10 g of coffee, for a double digit we multiply by two. Water spill time 25 sec. The machine will do it in 10 seconds ... There must be tiger cream in the cup. The machine will not have a cream at all, except for the foam that the machine will make with a jet, and not at the expense of a properly brewed drink.

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05-05-2020 02:12
As for the brewer, if you want automatic anything from the SCA approved list: 
https://www.perfectbrew.com/reviews/best-4-cup-coffee-makers/ [perfectbrew.com]
I can give more detailed recommendations if you give your budget.
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