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Registered: 15-12-2007
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15-12-2007 04:37
Hi there,
just got a samsung d600. I am not able to read any msg or listen to music everywhere its asking for password? any one has a solution? how do I reset it?

Registered: 15-12-2007
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15-12-2007 08:03
hey kala,
it is a used phone you have got? ask that person who was using it.. he might have set a password for it? Else you can go to the shop from where you have purchased it…

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29-07-2008 20:37
wright number 000000000000000

Registered: 24-07-2017
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28-10-2017 15:02
How can i use https://mobile-phone-tracker.org [mobile-phone-tracker.org] mobile recorder in this phone?

Registered: 20-10-2018
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20-10-2018 14:34
Just resent it followed by proper procedure,
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