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21-11-2018 09:26
Before finding ways to restore or find back your phone number, you'd
better have a look at your Android device. That's because your contacts
might not be deleted. So you need to make sure all your contacts are
being displayed.
Step 1. Unlock your Android. Then find out and open the "Contacts" App.
Step 2. Tap on the "menu" button on the top right corner and then choose "Settings" > "Contacts to Display".
Step 3. Select "All Contacts".
After that, you can return and check whether you got the lost contacts
back or not. If it is back, that means your contacts is not deleted but
hidden. But if it is still not back, you can try the following methods
to restore them.
An excellent program is required for the task - MobiKin Doctor for
[mobikin.com] (Win/Mac). This tool is easy to manage as you can recover lost
or deleted contacts on Android phones through only several clicks.
Furthermore, before you make the recovery, the program allows you to
preview all the contacts information, including name, phone number,
email address, company address and so on. Hence, you can choose what you
want and restore them selectively. What's more, the restored contacts
can be saved in the format of HTML.
Many people like to sync their Android with Google account, then you can
try to restore the lost Android contacts from Gmail account also.
However, this means can only date up to 30 days back. So only the people
who have backed up their Android contacts to Gmail can resync their
devices with Gmail and get all the backup contacts back.
There are plenty of powerful Android data recovery applications on the
market as well. That is to say, you can choose one high-rated as well as
reliable App to help you find back the lost contacts. But which App
can be a good choice? Here are 3 suggestions for you:
1. GT Recovery
2. Undelete Master
3. Deleted Contacts Recovery
To keep your Android contacts safe, you'd better keep a backup of them.
And here, saving your Android phone contacts on computer with the help
of MobiKin Assistant for Android could be a good choice. By using it,
you can copy complete information of your Android contacts to computer,
including names, numbers, emails, job title and so on. Apart from
contacts, it also enables you to transfer SMS, photos, videos, music and
apps from Android to computer.

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15-05-2019 11:06
Android phone is popular around the world.
It is common for a Android smartphone or tablet user to encounter data loss problem.
There is professional Android data recovery [samsung-messages-backup.com] allows user to recover files from Android phone.

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02-07-2019 07:52
MobiKin Doctor for Android (Win [mobikin.com]/Mac [mobikin.com]).
This tool is easy to manage as you can retrieve lost or deleted
contacts from phone memory or SIM card through only several clicks.
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