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Huawei Y9 [freeguider.pk] uses an outdated micro-USB port for charging and finally the loudspeaker is very good for your budget device also it has a volume output of 88 decibels here is an audio sample on paper the Huawei y6 does not look really impressive and honestly I wish it had at least three gigabytes of RAM gaming performance is kind of average that means that you’ll be able to play most of the 3d games but you should expect to see quite a few skipped frames and stutter on the other hand PUBG is playable on a low graphics settings the phone runs on the battery that is based on Android 800 if you have used any device before you’ll feel right at home there is no app tray but you can easily bring it back just like any other Huawei phone there are plenty of features and customization options to choose from there are many display settings smart features you can choose from different navigation keys.

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Thanks for sharing the informaion, as I had a project to write about Huawei phone for https://samedayessays.net/ [samedayessays.net] and you truly helped me!
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