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The mobile phone data line is available to everyone, but not everyone knows. Today we will talk to you about the mobile phone usb cable [yi-links.com].Once a friend said: "It is half an hour faster than charging my data cable. What is going on?" I went to look at it. His data line is obviously the kind of knock-off goods that Taobao came to. 9.9 yuan shipping also count on speed?
The data line has a lot of doorways, which also determines the price. Let's talk about the coating on the plug. Under normal circumstances, it is stainless steel or nickel plating, in order to prevent partial contact oxidation of the plug, resulting in poor contact. It does not have a big impact on the output speed.
Many people have said that the data line of one plus is good. In fact, it makes sense. The data lines of many mobile phone brands have very high requirements for the work of data lines in order to ensure the effect and safety of fast charging.In addition, the thickness of the coating on the plug of different price data lines can even differ by 10-20 times, and it is definitely cheap to sell cheaply.Many people think that the original data cable of the mobile phone is the best. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Some cheap mobile phones will still use less good data lines in order to save costs, perhaps better than the cottage, but it is definitely not good.After talking about the coating, let's talk about the difference in wire. The wire determines the basic performance of a data line. A good data line separates data transmission from charging. We can see from the figure that the better data line on the left side will make anti-interference measures in the middle of the transmission line, which can greatly reduce the mutual interference between the cables and can fully exert the performance.
The inferior data line will not control any interference at all, and directly put the line there. When we use it, the interference between the wires will be very large, which will definitely affect the speed seriously. This is why the cheap data line is slow to charge. The reason is, and even worse, it is impossible to transfer data when charging.
In terms of cost, inferior data lines do not use pure copper as conductors, and may choose lower-cost aluminum-clad copper or other alternative materials, which will greatly affect transmission efficiency. Even if they use pure copper, they will be very very thin. The right side of the figure below is the inferior data line.
Many cheap data lines will come back when there is a serious charge and heat, and even a fire caused by cheap data lines, we must pay attention to this.Apple MFI certification is specifically for Apple products, MFI-compliant products can all meet the security needs of Apple products, in other words, there is a better official guarantee. The MFI-compliant data lines all have separate chips. They can know when the device needs current. If not, it will easily damage the device. After all, Apple's products are not cheap.If your data cable is often broken or damaged, I suggest you prefer the nylon data cable, which has better flex resistance and is not difficult to untie due to random placement.
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