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In high-tech day, we are so busy everyday. Thankfully, smart phones give us ability to record daily plan and add reminders for important things. With the information, you will know what the users plan to do every day, and what their schedules are.
In this article, there is going to cover two ways to record or spy on logs or voices in Notes, Reminders, and Voice Memos.
Why Spying On Notes/Reminders/Voice Memos Is UsefulParental MonitoringYou offer your kids mobile phones for more convenient communication, but you may still want to know your children’s activities on mobile phones remotely to be sure of their security. Events and schedules added in children’s Notes/Reminders/Voice Memos make you clearly know what your children are doing recently. You can also find what they are planing to do in the near future and when they will visit some specific places.
When you cannot reach out to them by phone, you can use cell phone monitoring app to spy on Notes/Reminders/Voice Memos on their phones remotely and know what they may be doing and where they may have been. It becomes easier to find them.
Employee MonitoringOn one hand, many employees tend to use Notes/Reminders/Voice to arrange their daily jobs. Spying on notes, reminders, memos on employees' devices does you a great favor to find out which employees are really working hard and highly productive.
On the other hand, some employees may add some notes and plans in their note-taking apps. Some irresponsible employees may record the confidential business information on these apps. Maybe they intend to sell the information to competitors. Monitoring their Notes/Reminders/Voice may also help employers catch unexpected insider threats easily.
Two Ways to Read Memos and Reminders on the Monitored DeviceWay One - Spy on Notes/Reminders/Memos via SpyzieSpyzie [spyzie.com]  [track.mspy.click]is an advanced cell phone monitoring and tracking tool that works perfectly on iOS and Android devices. With Spyzie, you are able to record the messages, call log, monitor IM chats, web browsing history, keylogger, GPS tracking, geofencing, and more. It runs in complete stealth mode. You don’t need to root the device or jailbreak to make it work. It offers some nice and intricate features like video preview and capturing screenshots.
With the help of Spyzie, you are capable of :
Reading Notes. On the Spyzie monitoring dashboard, all the notes from the targeted device are displayed in order. You can read them and view any drawings or photos.Viewing and Playing Voice Memos. You can play all the recorded voice files on the targeted device with the help of Spyzie.Tracking Reminders. Spyzie keeps you informed about all the reminders on the tracked device.Sorting Memos and Reminders. You can sort all the notes and reminders by created time.Here are simple four steps to access Memos and Reminders on the monitored device:
Step 1. Register an account on Spyzie.com or within the Spyzie app (available on both App store and Play Store). After the account is created, you can use it on both desktop and within the apps.
Step 2. Enter the target phone or device information after logging into the account and complete the Spyzie Wizard setup process.
Step 3. Choose the target device on the left side menu , and then click the Notes and Voice Memos option. Detailed content will be displayed on the right side of the Control Panel.
Step 4. Click the refresh button to sync the latest the memos and reminders added on the monitored device.

Way Two - Spy on Notes/Reminders/Memos via FoneMonitorFoneMonitor [fonemonitor.com] is another great software for tracking cell phone activities, it is a good choice for responsible parents who want to supervise their children in daily life, in order to protect them from potential dangers like being addicted to the games, pornography, cyber-violence, bad temptation and many more. It is also a good helper for employers who need to be informed of the employees’ activities in work place.
Using FoneMonitor, you are able to:
View notes. View the notes and reminders including title, list, date, address and more.Play Voice Memos. View and play voice memos that marked on the target phone.Simply follow three steps as below to start spying on notes, reminders, memos:
Step 1. Simply go to fonemonitor.com and create one or you can also download FoneMonitor app on your phone and complete the register process.
Step 2. The following step will require you to offer target device information.
Step 3. After the setup process finished, just go to dashboard on FoneMonitor. From there you can find "Reminders" option on the left panel. Click it and let the program tracking the notes and reminders on the target phone. It will display the info including Title, List, Date, Address, Priority and Note. Also, you can check the notes or remainders that created on a specific time with the help of the filter on the top.

Conclusion: Above-mentioned two ways of tracking notes, reminders, memos are effective and easy. Simply select the most suitable one for you as you prefer.
Read More: How to Track Notes/Voice Memos/Reminders on iPhone or Android Phones [syncios.com]
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