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06-06-2018 11:57
Last week, Huawei introduced a revised version of the Huawei Watch 2 with one notable change to last year’s model: it’s adopting eSIM, a still budding technology that takes up less space than regular SIM cards. So far, we know that it can be purchased in China through e-commerce platform Vmall but quite possibly not anywhere else in the world. The new Huawei Watch 2  eSIM [comparebox.pk] seems to be identical to last year’s watch, aside from the addition of an eSIM to replace nanoSIM support, which is a significant change. With eSIM, which replaces the plastic SIM card with a smaller, electronic one, the watch can share the same phone number as your mobile device, making it more convenient. Given that the eSim is much smaller than nanoSIM, it’s better suited for smartwatches. The Apple Watch 3 Uses e sim, as does Samsung’s Gear S2 & S3.
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