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Samsung Galaxy A9 Star:
Modern flagships offer large displays, and you can easily buy a mini smartphone as well. In past, smartphones were pleased with their minimalism. They had a comfortable keyboard, a small screen and, all. Modern devices crammed all sorts of sensors, processors and intense battery. Also, manufacturers strive to ensure that the user can comfortably handle contents, increasing the display size. Now phones with a small screen, just a few companies work on it. Such devices are considered not to be in a noticeable demand. Manufacturers assume that smartphones are now used to watch videos and movies. And for the solution of such problems, it is better to use some phablet with a 5.5-inch screen. But in fact, many people do not really look at their Samsung Galaxy A9 Star smartphone [comparebox.pk] video-for this purpose they have other devices. Such people prefer to buy compact devices.

Samsung Galaxy A9 Star Lite:
Samsung Galaxy A9 Star Lite [comparebox.pk] price is not very high. And Galaxy A9 Star Lite specs are mid-range, the 4GB RAM, and huge 24MP front-facing camera. The setup of two cameras on the rear side are good to use. The fingerprint sensor is an also good to use. The segment of affordable smartphones are getting hyper with the passage of time, they are receiving high-end specs as well. They are more powerful compared to past phones, they can tackle many matters smoothly when using high-end specs. So many companies love to put their attention in this segment as there is a huge potential here and so many customers love to stay here. Xiaomi phones are also working highly to maintain its position in this portion.
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