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24-12-2007 12:01
hi people,
confused i am getting confused between HTC touch and HTC P6300. not able to decide which one to buy?
plz suggest me.

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24-12-2007 12:04
In my opinion, P6300 is a nice phone as business tool packed with entertainment. only thing is, i am not sure about its handwriting recognition feature, donno if its really of any use or not!! but i would go in for P6300.

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01-02-2017 07:26
HTC is a cell phone that arrives with smartphones when it's was one of the most expensive electronic gadget to have. HTC mobile phones were quite affordable and we used to see HTC smartphones in every hand which can afford to have a smartphone.
Still HTC is performing quite well in the market - though it's facing a good deal of competition from Chinese and other smartphone makers.
You may check some Info and products by HTC company below:
HTC Mobile Phones Prices - Specs in Pakistan [jambo.pk]
HTC Desire 10 Pro Price - Specs [jambo.pk]
HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle Price - Specs [jambo.pk]
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