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It’s a pretty fantastic world we live in these days, especially when it comes to smartphone technology. Long hours of entertainment lie at our fingertips, available virtually at any time and any place - all accessible from a sleek little device. However, as convenient as smartphones are, there’s still something to be said about watching your favourite movies on a big, flat-screen HD television.
I recently bought a Le 1s Eco smartphone and decided to test it for Screen Mirroring (a technology that allows you to mirror your smartphone screen onto a compatible TV) so I could play my favourite movies and games stored on my phone.
The Le 1s Eco uses Miracast-based wireless technology to mirror content. This technology gives users a better viewing experience and provides a convenient way to display everything on your phone onto your TV screen.
http://i.imgur.com/8vwrICK.png [i.imgur.com]
http://i.imgur.com/PjOvXJ4.png [i.imgur.com]

The setup on my LG Full HD television was fairly quick and simple. I browsed through the TV menu and switched on the Screen Mirror option. At the same time, I clicked on the ‘More’ option in ‘System Settings’ on the Le 1s Eco and turned on the ‘Wireless Display’ (Screen Mirroring facility on LeEco phones). I found my TV displayed by its model number and brand name, ready to connect wirelessly without any effort. Once I selected the TV model, my phone’s home screen was displayed on the TV and I was able to play music videos from my Videos folder without any issues. I also tried playing Mortal Kombat X later and had no problems with the clarity of the game.
http://i.imgur.com/04So0mi.png [i.imgur.com]
In my opinion, Screen Mirroring is best utilized when used with live streaming content through a LeEco Membership (bundled with my Le 1s Eco which I purchased during a flash sale recently). This membership not only offers content services like Video on Demand, live shows, and music, but also offers 5 TB cloud storage for all my pictures, documents and other content files (including videos and music).  With access to so much amazing content, my choice for entertainment is almost unlimited and I look forward to spending many hours in the arms of my Lazyboy recliner!
http://i.imgur.com/59oq4jB.png [i.imgur.com]
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