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17-12-2015 09:29
hey guys! I want a radio player for android. it would be cool if you could record shows as well. any experience which app might be good? thx

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14-01-2016 13:50
Give Tunebite a try. Beautiful and reliable app!

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03-11-2018 20:53
A friend from work approached me with an idea to build him an https://freebears.com/ipod-boombox [freebears.com] ipod boombox with minimal budget constraints ($400). Most of the designs I have found spend much less $100-150 range. Here were his requirements for the boombox.
1. <30 pounds2. Approximate dimensions = 30"W x 12" H x 12" D (these are subject to change depending on speaker selection but this was his rough idea)3. The boombox needs to be ipod compatible and the ipod needs to be front facing so it is easy to change songs etc.4. The boombox needs to be independently powered so he can move the whole boombox to his garage, kitchen, patio etc.Any and all ideas are welcome.
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