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26-07-2015 21:39
iPhone 7 could Support Wireless Charging in Apple’s Way (Rumours)
Wireless power transmission was introduced by Nikola Tesla, when he succeeded in lighting electric lamps without wires. However, it took centuries for this technology to find its way in the mainstream. Well, over the past few years, qi wireless charging has finally emerged on to the consumer electronics market, especially in gadgets. The latest Smartphones like Galaxy S6/ S6 Edge, Phablets like Nexus 6 and Tablets like Nexus 7 now have built in wireless charging capabilities.
But Apple’s iPhone 6 or 6 plus still lags behind in this advanced level of charging. To make them compatible with wireless charging pad a user need to insert an additional receiver that makes the charging process more hefty.
Recent video by GdgtCompare on their official you tube channel hinted towards built-in wireless charging concepts that Apple may introduced in its iPhone 7. Apple generally changes the design of its iPhone every two years, so we can expect that in 2016, iPhone 7 will get new look and design according to Apple’s terminology.
For this year it is almost confirmed that upcoming iPhone 6S and 6S plus shares similar design to the existing iPhone 6 handset.

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01-02-2017 11:01
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