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29-04-2010 09:57
Is it so? means it could be concluded that a steady progress has been brought about in the low end phones. Ahem!! This is infact a nice thing at present to face the competition in the cell phone world.

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30-04-2010 10:26
Well I would like to check C3510 Genoa's messaging facility. If that satisfies my perception and need ofcourse then only I will give a consideration to it.

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03-05-2010 10:07
I did not like photo facility provided by the cellphone. By this, I mean the C3510 with its 1.3MP digital camera with not so great image quality. And on top of that hardly YouTube quality equally upsets me.

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04-05-2010 10:14
As far as recording clips and sending MMS is concerned, it does get the job done. Hmm. Could be given consideration then. :P
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