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14-10-2009 07:45
Now wat kinda fun is loaded in LG GM750 Smartphone ??? though it´s the first time we have seen S-Class 3D interface running on Windows Mobile..

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14-10-2009 08:01
Yep, its official now!! hi Vodafone has first brought the news of Windows® phone based on Windows Mobile 6.5 for LG GM750 that does makes it a smartphone amazed

Though LG's GM750 is supposed to be the successor to the GM730 that was initially known as the LG Eigen, it is reported to use 3rd party applications through which you can actually change the look and feel of ur handset with a personal background or designer themes and personalise the home screen sto get weather reports, latest traffic information or stock prices within few mins. dance
Besides this,the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync email ensures you never need miss an email again, be it from your personal or work account. Now isn't it cool & full of fun :P

For more details just go through this:http://www.phones.com/phones/lg/gm750/

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15-10-2009 12:21
Does the fun tools really work without any complexity??

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16-10-2009 08:33
Well doesn’t seem bad for first attempt.. bad
Vodafone gambling full-size on Sony Ericsson Satio,
HTC Tattoo and LG GM750 where it is hoping that Sony Ericsson Satio will be its
trump card is undeniably overstated expectation!!!!! gum
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