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The XDA Atmos is a functionally dependable handset with a classy user interface, typically that of an XDA phone. This phone comes with two keypads. The frontal keypad is for calling and texting while the slider QWERTY keyboard for emailing and handling documents. Lightweight, compact and handy, the Atmos gives its customers the most hardcore experience of handling a PDA. It also includes features such as Window’s Mobile, Pocket Office, 3G connectivity and camera.
O2 XDA Atmos


The XDA Atmos is a multi purpose handset where you can browse internet, receive emails, view documents and email attachments, click photos and shoot videos, and easily operate the user interface with its slider QWERTY keyboard.

O2 XDA Atmos


The Atmos fulfills all the necessary requirements of the daily routine in a businessman everyday life. Based on a Windows Mobile 6.0 operating system, it includes all facilities such as Pocket Office for viewing and edit PDF and office files, data downloading at 3.6 Mbps through HSDPA technology and Wi-Fi.

O2 XDA Atmos


Everybody needs a break and one can relax by clicking photos with the 2 MP camera, shoot videos and viewing them on 2.4-inch large screen. Laze out by just plugging in the Bluetooth and listening to music.



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O2 XDA Atmos: Nice but needs to be less thick
10/30/2008 @ 12:19 AM
by fdyrtyutrdu

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