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Ok I see a lot of people are considering buying this phone but are a little lost since there hasn’t been a site review. Consider this a mini-review; I have been using the phone for 5 days now.
1) Battery life: AMAZING. 5 days now with regular use wifi, many calls, FM radio for 2-3 hours a day, need for speed and pro evolution soccer 2008 and writing emails. I charged the phone once on day 1 and again on day 4 now its day 5 and my battery is full except for one bar.
2) Music: 2.5 mm headphones only. If you aren’t a huge fan of loud music, the nokia headset provided will be enough. If superior sound quality is important to you, go with a 3.5 mm adapter, use decent headphones and you will see that the sound quality is actually pretty good.
3) Camera: By today’s standards it sucks. If you need a good quality camera DO NOT buy this phone. I like to have a camera in my phone but while 2mp is absolutely fine for me, I know that for many others it is unacceptable.
4) WLAN: Works brilliantly. Just as sensitive as the wifi card on my laptop with the capability to detect pretty weak networks. Web browsing is excellent especially when in landscape mode. I kept font size at the smallest and because of the good resolution it still looks very clear to me. Overall, web browsing on this phone is much better than what I expected.
5) Performance: Hands down, the fastest phone I have ever used. I experimented and ran a football game while listening to FM radio and surfing the internet. I felt no lag whatsoever, even when I switched to the game and left everything else open it ran smoothly. This phone is very efficient.
6) Screen: Incredibly clear, games run very well on it. Should have been at least 0.2 inches longer since there is a lot of wasted place around the screen but we know that if nokia did that they would have priced this phone much higher.
7) Keypad: Excellent for sms, surfing and games. Only problem is that the top two keys on the left and right are way too small and a pain to press but due to the presence of shortcut keys and the comfortable D-pad, I don’t have to use them much.
This phone cost me the equivalent of 219 Euros or 326 US Dollars and came with a 512mb micros card. Honestly, for that amount of money, I can’t think of a better alternative to this phone.

12/3/2007 @ 2:34 AM
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